Sheila Alexander-Reid

Visionary Diversity Equity and Inclusion Strategist That Produces Results

About Sheila

An Award-Winning Advocate for Equity

A Strategist for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A Trainer of Cultural Competency Workshops

A Sought-After Keynote Speaker

A Facilitator of Courageous Conversations

An Optimist in a Cynical Pessimistic World

A Change Agent


Sheila Alexander-Reid has a proven track record in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. In addition, her expertise extends to training/facilitation, government administration and policy, non-profit management, radio production, branding, marketing, and sales.   Sheila utilizes her experience in these fields to approach every project through a distinctive lens. 

Specializing in DEI Keynotes//Training/Workshops Her approach is compelling but non-threatening. She has an uncanny approach that inspires participants to dig deep into courageous conversations with empathy. This leads participants to lasting insights and renewed self-awareness that creates a culture shift. To book DEI a training, keynote or workshop

Branding4Change is a women-centered, boutique consulting agency that is socially conscious. Our work is rooted in the belief that we must do our part to create an intentional culture shift in a world that is seeing a sharp rise in hatred, patriarchy, racism, bigotry, gender bias, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia.

The Women in the Life Association (WITLA) is a social justice organization whose mission is advancing the rights of lesbians of color through cultural affirmation, education and advocacy. Now, it's more than a mission, it's part of a movement and given it's history, WITLA is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this new movement.


My observations have shown that Sheila is a teacher. She brings new ideas to the table, sometimes provocative ideas, and invites the participants to lean into the conversation and learn. She takes diversity and inclusion to a level that is not routinely seen when people glaze over the surface of uncomfortable topics. No one is left behind in Sheila’s conversations

Geoff Burbridge


Sheila’s approach to bringing to life the real applicability of privilege to everyone’s day to day life helped us all to understand the realities that many members of society are faced with, at a personal level. Overall, it continues to reinforce the importance of inclusion in our activities, either at work or in our home life, to tackle systemic bias, and to promote equality across society.

Peter Husar

TD Bank

Sheila is a star! She initiated and led two engaging discussions of privilege in our group with such grace and strength. It was a tricky topic with a mixed group dominated by mostly white, mostly wealthy, mostly cis gay men. Everyone there had felt the sting of someone else’s unearned advantage before, and her gentle humor built empathy across the group and brought everyone to see their own privilege, too.

Chris Beckmann


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